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Post  Destrokungen on Sun Apr 18, 2010 9:44 pm

Basic information:
In-game name: Destrokungen
Age: 16
Country: Sweden
Class: Warlock
Professions: Enchanting [450] Tailoring [445]
A link to your character on Armory:
If you have any other relevant gear, please describe it:

Previous experience:
How long have you played WOW? Something between 3-4 years
Do you have any other characters (server/name/class)? Tégelvägg (71 paladin), Trollisman (69 mage), Gosedjur (61 druid), Elektrikérn (51 shaman). All on Outland.
What is your raiding experience? 8/12+ HC gunship in icc10, 8/12 in icc25, ToC25 5/5, ToC10 5/5
Your guild history. Previous guilds and why did you leave them? I leaved Elite beacuse of they didn't progress any in icc10, after i was in Fancy but it dispanded, latest i was in was Damage done but the players werent online at raiding time so i leaved it.

Current situation
Do you have a working microphone? Yes
During what times can you raid? And how often? (We raid Thuesday, Thursday and Sunday 19:30-23.00 CET) All those days works for me
Why do you want to join Unsafe and what will you bring the guild? Unsafe seems like a serious guild with good players in and the raiding days suites me well, hopefully i will bring some more good dps to the guild.
Do you know any players already in the guild? Who? No, just have been in an icc25 pug with some of them.

Tell us about yourself
Feel free to add any other information you find relevant, this is the part you need to sell yourself to us. We need to know if your going to fit in with us, and if you have the quality we want.

I'm a guy who really loves this game and wants to progress in it and just be better and better, but also have a life outside my room. Playing football like 3 times a week ( not on any of the raiding days ). Like i said im playing beacuse i like the game so much and im not the whining person, i will stay in the raid untill its cancelled even if we wipes over and over again.


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Declined: Destrokungen Empty Re: Declined: Destrokungen

Post  Macca on Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:58 pm

Hey. Just a couple of questions and/or pointers. You seem massively over the hit cap, my warlock has around 370 which is more than needed with a shadow priest and a draenai in the raid. You also seem to lack quite alot of haste, don't know if it'd be possible for you to swap any gear out to achieve higher but that'd be quite a dps loss to have it that low. Also with ilvl 264 bracers, thought you might have splashed out on a 30sp enchant for them rather than 23. Also would help if you stuck a belt buckle in that belt of yours. Netherless, good luck.


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Post  Tzadarkath on Mon Apr 19, 2010 10:06 am

Quite inexperienced with ICC which worries me + like Macca said you dont seem to know how +hit works and seeing how you just wasted 60 frostbadges to get a +hit trinket aswell makes me cry seeing how you have 3/5 setitems and the shoulders are 60 badges aswell

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Declined: Destrokungen Empty Re: Declined: Destrokungen

Post  Winno on Mon Apr 19, 2010 10:10 am

Hi Destrokungen and thanks for the application,

Unfortunately I'm gonna have to decline you. First off you are significantly younger than most of our members so I am not sure how well you would fit in with us oldies. Secondly we have a very capable and active warlock so the class is not really our first pick when it comes to recruting for our last ranged spot.

Best of luck in your search for a new guild Smile

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Declined: Destrokungen Empty Re: Declined: Destrokungen

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