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Post  Winno on Thu Sep 24, 2009 4:42 pm

Basic information
In-game name:
A link to your character on Armory:
If you have any other relevant gear, please describe it:

Previous experience
How long have you played WOW?
Do you have any other characters (server/name/class)?
What is your raiding experience?
Your guild history. Previous guilds and why did you leave them?

Current situation
Do you have a working microphone?
During what times can you raid? And how often? (We raid Thuesday, Thursday and Sunday 19:30-23.00 CET)
Why do you want to join Unsafe and what will you bring the guild?
Do you know any players already in the guild? Who?

Tell us about yourself
Feel free to add any other information you find relevant, this is the part you need to sell yourself to us. We need to know if your going to fit in with us, and if you have the quality we want.

Please either make sure that you are logged out in your PvE raiding gear or describe the stats in your application if you are not.

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